Holding the Ceremony of Reverence for the Top Researchers and Technologists of the University in 2018

Date: 2 February 2019

The ceremony of reverence for the top researchers of the university was held on December 18th, 2018 in the dining hall of professors. In the beginning of the ceremony, which was attended by faculty members, students, and staff of the university of research and accounting fields, Mr. Banaei, head of management of research and technology affairs, welcomed the guests and explained about the method used to estimate the scores of top researchers and selecting the student researchers. Following that, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Shafiei Mayam was honored as the top researcher at the university. Moreover, Dr. Majid Ahmadi and Dr. Kadkhoda were selected and honored as the top researchers from the faculties of humanities and basic sciences, respectively. 
In addition, students of the team that created the solar-powered desalination system and won the second place in the national competition of designing solar-powered desalination system in the Amir Kabir University of Technology were appreciated in the ceremony. 
During the ceremony, the staff in the accounting and research fields were honored as well. The team that won the second place in the competition for designing the main entrance of the university was honored in the presence of Ansari, manager of plans and programs of the university. 
In the end, some of the student researchers of the university were appreciated. After the ceremony, the guests were seen off with a flower after dinner. 

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