CSE: A Novel Dynamic Obfuscation Based on Control Flow, Signals and Encryption

  • نویسندگان: مجید عبدالرزاق نژاد, بهاره هاشم زاده
  • کلمات کلیدی: Dynamic Obfuscation, Control Flow, Signals, Encryption, Management Table

Obfuscation, as one invasive strategy, is considered to be one defense strategy in the field of software and vital information protection against security threats. This paper proposes a new dynamic obfuscation, which is called CSE, based on combining a triplet of the control flow and the signals and the encryption of the management table (MT). The triplet exchanges and hides the control graph program and produce the MT that it includes addresses to guide communication between instructions. A type of the stream cipher symmetric encryption (Spritz) applies to encrypt the MT. Also, a multi-objective function (the ability and the resiliency) based on six implementation metrics and two classic objective functions (the cost and the Mishra) are considered in evaluating the proposed obfuscation. The proposed triplet obfuscation method and the multi-objective functions are performed on a small program and a benchmark dataset in the experimental results section. The comparison of the experimental results of the exist obfuscation methods shows that the CSE has the competitive advantages.

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