Experimental Investigation of Vibratory and Acoustical Behavior of Multiple-Unit Impact Dampers in Free Vibration Reduction

  • نویسندگان: حسین صفایی فر, انوشیروان فرشیدیان فر
  • کلمات کلیدی: Experimental investigation; Vibration reduction; Multiple-unit impact damper; Eight and diamond configurations; Damping inclination.

Impact dampers (ID) are one of the passive dampers for controlling undesirable vibration and are suitable to operate in harsh environments and effective over a wide range of frequencies. These dampers can be classified as single-unit or multi-unit. The multiple-unit impact damper where is composed of one cavity and some impact mass can be used in various engineering applications. The disadvantage of single-mass impact dampers is high noise level after repeated impacts, because of high contact forces during the impact process. This noise causes discomfort in humans. The contact forces relatively reduced in multiple-mass impact dampers, so the noise generated during the damper’s impact process is reduced in multiple-unit impact damper. The effect of multiple-unit impact damper in vibration and noise reducing is related to the configurations of impact masses. These configurations can be classified as uniform, linear, eight, and diamond. A way for studying the effect of various layouts of masses is using balls with different material properties together. In this paper, three various materials are selected to perform multiple-mass impact damper, the stainless steel, glass and the pearl balls. All of these balls have the same diameter. The results show that the effect of diamond mass configuration in impact damper performance is better than the other configurations. The major innovation of this paper is to investigate the effect of different mass layouts on the performance of multi-mass impact damper experimentally.

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