How Earthquakes can affect Health Sector of the Economy

  • نویسندگان: Ghazal Shahpari, ملیحه آشنا, Mehran Shahpari
  • کلمات کلیدی: Earthquakes, economy, healthcare, ARDL approach

This study tries to focus on the impacts of earthquakes on the health sector, which is the most crucial sector through post-earthquakes phases. Damage to the healthcare centers is extremely important due to healthcare’s functions to save lives. Therefore, the aim is to study total loss to the health sector due to the earthquake. To overcome the difficulty of finding data about the number of healthcare centers destroyed during earthquakes, considering four factors: development level, older events, severity of the earthquake and the population of the places where the quakes happened, the number of destroyed healthcare centers for 29 earthquakes were simulated. Using an ARDL approach, the total loss to the health sector was considered to affect by the severity of earthquake, healthcare centers destroyed by disasters, GDP of the health sector and human development levels of countries. The results confirm that after the earthquake in the short run, the financial loss of the health sector is less in countries which have a powerful health sector. In the long run, the goods and services production of the healthcare sector must increase to meet the needs of reduction in the capital stock. Therefore, governments should reconstruct demolished centers, buildings etc. to meet the health needs of people.

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