The Effects of Energy Efficiency Improvements in the Electricity Sector on the Iranian Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach

  • نویسندگان: ملیحه آشنا, Hossein Sadeghi, Ghazal Shahpari
  • کلمات کلیدی: Computable General Equilibrium Environmental Policy Energy Efficiency Clean Development Iran

Improving energy efficiency is one of the most important energy policies in many countries. This study mainly focused on the economic and environmental effects of energy efficiency improvements in Iran’s electricity sector on Iran’s economy using a computable general equilibrium framework. Furthermore, the potential benefits of carbon reduction were explored. The results showed that the most significant change occurred in the sectoral output. Other macroeconomic variables, such as GDP and export, also showed higher levels. Accordingly, it can be asserted that a combination of energy policies, such as carbon pricing and revenue recycling, that are aimed at improving energy efficiency can potentially have positive effects on both the economy and the environment. Therefore, energy efficiency improvements can be considered a cost-effective alternative to promoting sustainable development.

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