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  • 2023 Mar 27
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Congratulation Message from the Head of University on the Occasion of Day of Employee

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Shafiei Mayam, the head of Bozorgmehr University of Qaenat, congratulated the day of employee (August 26th) to the university staff. 
The message is as follows:

In the Name of God

The “Day of Employee” (August 26th) is reminiscent of valuating the endeavors of a great number of competent people in the community, the goal of whom is the provision of services to society members and gaining God's satisfaction. These individuals manage an essential and important part of the country’s affairs in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
It is our duty to acknowledge and appreciate the work of responsible and conscientious employees, who use their expertise, are fully committed to their job, and apply the necessary skills to communicate with clients, especially students, in a respectful manner with the aim of promoting scientific and practical activities and, consequently, improving the university. I admire the sincere efforts of all employees, who are the powerful arms of the university in various areas. 
In fact, the university staff and faculty members are the two main factors for achieving high goals in the university. Their presence and activities lead to organizational development. In addition, the logical and continuous interactions between intellectual and human resources of the university and structural assets can increase our hope toward positive developments in the clear vision of the university. 
In addition to commemorating the week of government and day of employee, specifically selected as the reminiscent for the name of martyrs “Rajaei” and “Bahonar”, I congratulate this special day to all of our dear staff and colleagues in the university. I wish all of you good luck, success, and health and I hope that we are able to provide better services to the academic society and gain God’s satisfaction by the cooperation of all university staff in improving the quality of all activities performed to enhance Bozorgmehr University of Qaenat. 

Mohammad Hossein Shafiei Mayam
Head of Universit