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Improvement the winter space heating by the effect of rotating thermal wall storage

  • Date: 2021 Feb 28
  • Authors: مهدی بقراطی
  • Keywords: solar energy, Trombe wall, rotating wall, winter space heating
In this study a monolithic thermal storage wall has been replaced by a set of rotable wall segments which can rotate around their vertical shafts. The study has been carried out to improve the classical Trombe wall design. In order to allow for some natural lighting into the room, air gaps are used between wall segments. The distances between the wall segments aid both air convection and direct radiation into the room. One face of each wall segment is painted black for day time absorption, and the other side of the segment finished with white color. The rotating wall segments can be a good absorber during the day and a good radiator during the winter nights. When no further useful solar radiation is available the hot surfaces of the wall segments are rotated inwards. The results show that in comparison with classical solar walls the rotable storage walls can provide much more percentage of the heat even in cold climates. The results also show that for each square foot of floor area in climates with average winter temperatures about 32°F, at least 0.38 square feet of south facing rotable wall is needed