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Block Chain Performance in 5G and LTE in IoT Platform for Industrial Applications

  • Date: 2021 Jul 13
  • Authors: امیرحسین قاسمی
  • Keywords: Blockchain, Edge and Fog Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Resource Management, , 5G, LTE
The Internet of Things (IoT) requires the creation of new structures that use edge and fog computing environments due to the lack of optimal quality of services and bandwidth requirements. This new paradigm can accomplish many of internet tasks on the edge and fog which is capable to confronting a wide range of technologies in the IoT. For example, edge and fog computing can be used in smart home, smart city, smart driving and other things that are planned based on IoT mechanisms. Since resource management along with quality of services in the internet has been challenging in recent years as the technology has grown, providing integrated structures is essential and connecting to 5G and LTE standards due to more internet speed. For this purpose, Block Chain with a minimum computational complexity and high level of flexibility are provided which are capable to create gateways for the IoT-based edge and fog computation with a regular and optimal access mechanism for 5G and LTE. This research aims to provide a secure gateway structure with the maximum privacy of data in the connected 5G and LTE internet environment with multiple edge and fog computing. The use of encryption mechanisms including DTLS and FSK is considered as the main approach used in the Block Chain structure for transmitting and receiving data in industrial application. The proposed approach is called the Secure Gateway Block Chain Edge Fog in IoT or SGBCH-IoT. Improving the quality of services includes delays, passivity, probability of data detection, probability of miss detection, and data lose rate to manage the resources of the network. The results represented that the proposed approach has better performance in comparison to others.