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  • 2024 Jul 20
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An industrial scholarship agreement was signed between Bozorgmehr University of Qaenat and Exir Sanat Bakhtary Company

According to the public relations center of the university, in line with the implementation of the strategic policies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology regarding the support of the employment of university graduates, Dr. Seyed Ehsan Shakib, President of Bozorgmehr University of Qaenat, and Mr, Afshin Zare (engineer) CEO of Elixir of western industry Company, signed a memorandum of understanding for university student scholarships. 
Dr. Shakib While expressing his satisfaction with the conditions were provided for signing this memorandum of understanding, he expressed his appreciation and thanks for the support of Elixir of western industry company in equipping the university's entrepreneurship center.
He further mentioned the industrial scholarship plan and added: With the consultations the office of entrepreneurship, innovation and communication with the industry of the university had with the industries of the city, a number of new students of this university in the Humanities and Technical and Engineering Departments with the support of the National Elite Foundation are given scholarships in the form of industrial scholarship scheme.
Dr. Shakib announced that the students who were accepted based on their academic records were taken into consideration in this memorandum of understanding and said: in this memorandum of understanding, in addition to the people who receive scholarships with the support of the National Elite Foundation, a number of students in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Accounting will be given a scholarship.
Mr, Afshin Zare (engineer) CEO of Elixir of western industry Company, while expressing his satisfaction with the signing of this memorandum, emphasized the importance of the university's relationship with the industry and its valuable impact on the scientific prosperity and empowerment of the industries, and he expressed his hope that these measures will increase the motivation Students and seriousness in studying and learning the necessary skills to be effective.

In the end, the parties signed the industrial scholarship agreement in 5 articles and 1 note.