• Saturday
  • 2024 Jul 20
  • FA

The 2nd conference on the path of success (from the viewpoint of top civil engineering graduates)

The conference will be held in 3 workgroups including scientific, industrial and military services with speeches by successful graduates in the Department of Civil Engineering of Bozorgmehr University of Qaenat along with Q&A to achieve the following objectives:

Conference Objectives:

Introducing the successful examples of graduates in Bozorgmehr University of along with drawing the path of success after graduation in their own language

Drawing a clear career future for undergraduate students in Bozorgmehr University of Qaenat

Key points of speeches by successful graduates:

A summary of the impactful events during the under graduation

Choosing the path after graduation along with the reason

Challenges, strengths and weaknesses of the chosen path

Expressing the current situation and future work plan

Transferring important suggestions and points to achieve current success to students and conference participants